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I hope this is in the spirit of yuletide.

Sup, ninjas.

So I know we're all super exited about the oncoming storm that is Yuletide. I thought, being the ruthless communist that I am, we could do some pre-game organization / networking.

Since, this year, there won't be a list of nominated fandoms, and it'll be harder to redo your choices, it's even more important to get everything right on the first go. I don't want to nominate a fandom that'll already be nominated by someone else, for example, and waste a potential space, or fill in characters someone's already filled in. However, I still want to be sure all my fandoms and characters get nominated.

Basically, my modest proposal is this: Everybody list what you plan on nominating. Then list your 'free spaces'. That way, people can f3 this page and network, getting all the characters they need in and everything ready to go when nominations roll into town.

Here, I'll give you an example. Sally wants to nominate Ubernatural, Joy, Housetrapped and Your Big Horse. But she only has three slots! Luckily, Peggy Sue sees this! She was going to nominate Ubernatural, but, seeing that Sally was going to, now has an extra slot where she can nominate Your Big Horse for Sally. Meanwhile, Peggy Sue asks if Sally could nominate some extra characters in Ubernatural fandom, since Sally was only nominating Sean and Dam, while Peggy Sue wants stories about their ghost-hunting mother.

We have a spreadsheet!
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