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yuletide treasure
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This community is for participants and enjoyers of the annual obscure fandom fiction exchange project, "while we tell of yuletide treasure."

Read The Yuletide FAQ

Please watch yuletide_admin for announcements.

Yuletides 2003-2008 are still available on the original Yuletide site. It will be migrating to the AO3 through the Open Doors project in the near future.

Posting Guidelines

Welcome content in yuletide includes:
  • Yuletide story recommendation sets. (Please tag with "recs"!)
  • Discussion about the Yuletide experience, suggestions.
  • Fan art/icons and other fannish creations inspired by Yuletide stories. (please cut-tag!)
  • Links to additional content for Yuletide stories (eg, deleted scenes, soundtracks) posted in your own lj.

To keep volume to a reasonable level, stuff not to post here (totally fine to post these to your own lj, of course!) includes:
  • Anything not related to the Yuletide challenge.
  • Questions that can be answered by the FAQ, or should be directly addressed to the mods. The latter can be sent by email to, or in a comment responding to a post to yuletide_admin.
  • Your own stories.
  • Thank-yous to your individual author(s) and/or individual commenters.
    Feel free to tack these onto a different post -- ie, if you are posting a recs set, it is totally fine to include the story you received and thank your own santa for it while you are doing so.
  • Single-story recs.
    If a rec is long and meaty, we won't be too picky about this, but in general, please try for a minimum of at least three or four stories in a recs post.
  • Offers of fandom source. Feel free to do this in a Dear Yuletide Author post in your LJ, but we ask that you not post it here.
  • Critical discussion of Yuletide stories.
    We are actually huge proponents of the free discussion of fanfic, but this comm is about sharing delight and keeping everyone excited about the challenge, so not here, thanks!

Posts that are off-topic or are specifically not allowed may be deleted, with a message to the poster as to the reason.

We do not allow locked posts, as not all of our participants have LJs. In the same vein, anonymous commenting is enabled so those without LJs can comment here, but if you need to use this option, please sign your name.

If you post a NYR story, please DO NOT announce it here: it will be magically announced to the list for you in the next day's "Stories of the Day" post. Your recipient will also receive an email at that time notifying them of the story.

The volume here is pretty seasonal, so we will not spend a lot of time enforcing guidelines when the comm is relatively quiet, but during the peak from December - January, we'll be more aggressive about it to try and keep the comm manageable for all (including us!).
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